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Innovative Leaders in Gamification

document Crowd Creativity, Distributed Knowledge, Open Innovation
With the success and popularity of Zynga’s FarmVille and other such applications, savvy marketers the world over have acknowledged the subtle potential of fusing entertainment with marketing, as a means of stimulating engagement and encouraging consumer participation with the brand. A few examples of best practice are as follows.

1.)Vostu, the massively successful Brazilian startup, was able to build a business entirely centered around social network gaming.
2.)Koko digital, a UK based company specializing in formulating advergames.
3.)Kiip is another company which has tapped in to the gamification trend
4.)Angry Birds, the mobile game sensation by Rovio

Gamification is quite the hot topic in marketing of late, with a handful of organizations seeking out unique ways to incorporate such angles into their marketing strategy.

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