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Inside FundersClub, The Equity Crowdfunding Platform Destined To Redefine Venture Capital

Don’t call it Kickstarter, because on FundersClub you get real equity for your investments in hot startups. In just three weeks since launch, FundersClub’s platform has pulled in $1 million for Y Combinator companies, closed an oversubscribed $500,000 round for itself, and proven there’s a new way for entrepreneurs to keep the lights on.
FundersClub doesn’t rely on the JOBS Act that would let non-accredited investors crowdfund startups. But if the bill is finalized without being sterilized, the JOBS Act could make FundersClub even more of a game-changer by letting literally anyone invest. FundersClub is backed by Y Combinator, First Round Capital, Start Fund, and now 95 mini-angels that together poured in half a million dollars. FundersClub doesn’t necessarily replace the traditional venture capital sources, but it’s a powerful alternative.

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