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Jennifer Pahlka: Crowdsourcing can revolutionize government

Jennifer Pahlka, the founder of Code for America, share One Great Idea:

"I have a great idea for you guys: What if we all pooled our resources?" Pahlka asked. "You in the room should be pooling your resources around making corporations more sustainable, but i actually mean everyone -- everyone in the country. If we all chipped in, we could pave the roads, we could create public transportation, we could limit emissions.... Now, obviously, my great idea isn't new -- it's called government, and it's been around for a long time. But we've lost sight what government really is."
Description Getting people involved, changing how people interact with their neighbors and their government, is a project that can have wide-ranging impacts. An engaged population is one that can, and will, tackle problems large and small that currently overwhelm us.

"We're not just consumers, and we're not just consumers of government, putting in our taxes and getting back our services," Code for America founder Jennifer Pahlka said. "We're citizens and if there's one thing we learned in our first year of Code for America, that we're not going to fix government if we don't also fix citizenship."

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