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Learning from the Pioneers of Offshore Outsourcing

Research document Cloud Labor, Crowd Creativity, Open Innovation Industry-focused Research , White Paper
Summary This white paper looks at the growth of the traditional outsourcing industry in India and the strategies of Indian Outsourcing Service Providers (OSPs) in an effort to help replicate their success and catalyze the broad adoption of crowdsourcing.
Description One of the notable business events of the 20th century was the emergence of offshore outsourcing of professional services. This phenomenon is firmly associated today with India and often referred to as the «Indian Miracle». Through hard work, political will, and the help of their countrymen abroad, India managed to create a 100 billion-dollar industry with millions of new employees, all highly paid by local standards.

Crowdsourcing seems new and distinctive but it has much in common with more established traditional outsourcing models, and as such there is case history that will help us accelerate the wholesale adoption of crowdsourcing.

Table of Contents

Executive Summary
The «Indian Miracle»
Global sourcing: innovation number one
Global sourcing: innovation number two
Global sourcing: innovation number three

Report Code: m.1.1.010


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  • Guest Joseph Beltran Apr 30, 2012 11:03 am GMT

    I like your post very much about Offshore Outsourcing. The information in this post is very interesting and more useful for the developers. Thanks for share this valuable info.

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