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Manufacturing success: how to use crowdsourcing to enhance innovation and product development

Since the global financial crisis, rich countries have increasingly come to see manufacturing as a reliable driver of growth. Globalization, of course, means that it is more difficult than ever for rich countries to compete with developing countries in this sector of the economy.In this environment, crowdsourcing is increasingly recognized as a good way to enhance innovation and develop better products more efficiently.
Here are three ways to bring crowdsourcing into mainstream manufacturing:

1. Start small and work your way up. A lot of manufacturing companies are uneasy about opening up their development processes to outside influences.

2. Protect intellectual property by dividing responsibilities. Many companies are (understandably) also nervous that the crowd may steal their ideas or intellectual property and share them with competitors.

3. Make it easier to share design files. Right now, there is no standard for sharing CAD (computer aided design) files because there is no standard software format for the files.

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