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Mass Relevance gets $2M for social marketing

document Crowdfunding, Distributed Knowledge
Summary Mass Relevance, a social marketing company that just launched, announced Tuesday that it has secured nearly $2 million from the Floodgate Fund (formerly Maples Investments) and Austin Ventures in a Series A round. Apparently social marketing is such a hot space, the startup is leaving the “highly competitive round” open for any other angel investors that want to get a piece of the pie.
Description “These movements are interoperable, like gears, where networks and crowdsourcing produce real-time content, which drives the need for curation & display.”

CEO Sam Decker isn’t the first to realize all of this, of course. Social marketing and social customer relationship management (CRM) have increasingly become buzz phrases in tech, as businesses and brands realize en masse that sites like Facebook and Twitter aren’t just toys for teens.

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