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Meaningful and Personalized Pledge Reward Gifts on Kickstarter of IndieGogo

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Given how popular crowdfunding platforms have become over the past couple of years – Kickstarter and IndieGoGo, namely – now’s the time for indies to think about the sorts of gifts they’d like to reward their high-value pledgers when the time comes for sending out gifts and squaring fair with the ladies and gentlemen kind enough to help bootstrap your dream.
Here are suggestions for the sorts of pledge rewards which would probably go down exceptionally well for some of your higher-value crowdfunders:

*Really special edition DVDs/Blu-ray discs.

*On-set visits: To those people who pledge upwards of a few thousand dollars, make sure to invite them onto your set to observe the happenings on a given day.

*Film credits.

*Customized gifts which you research in advance.

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