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Micro jobs: Short-term tasks for quick cash appeals to many sellers and buyers

document Cloud Labor, Tools
Summary Nadigel is a top-seller on, billed as the world’s largest marketplace for small services, starting at $5 a pop.
He’s among a growing segment of entrepreneurs drawn to micro jobs, short-term tasks advertised online in exchange for quick cash.
Description Despite a flurry of sites featuring micro jobs, the concept of crowdsourcing isn’t new, noted Sean Wise, assistant professor of entrepreneurship and strategy at Ryerson University.
“Now that we’ve added mobile to the picture so that people are accessing the Internet not from desktops but from smartphones we can add location,” he said. “So before, it didn’t make sense to ask someone who lived in India to cut my grass because it just wouldn’t work. But with local, (I) could ask people who are in a one-kilometre radius to cut my grass.”

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