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Mimvi and Entrepreneur Media Join Forces to Launch App Developer Crowdfunding and Discovery Program, TrepLabs™

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Mimvi, Inc., a leader in mobile app discovery, today announced an official partnership with Entrepreneur Media, to launch an innovative new discovery program for mobile app developers called TrepLabs™.
TrepLabs™ is designed to help the mobile developer community reduce its current dependency on app stores, drive visibility and market traction. The growing challenge of discoverability in an increasingly crowded app market is making it harder for the independent app developer to compete.

"The driving force behind the selection of mobile developer partners is the quality-and-creativity of their projects," commented Mike Poutre ,CEO Mimvi Inc."TrepLabs™ is the only program in the market today that offers a holistic solution for app-developers,from business planning to discovery and everything in between.This could represent a turning point in the world of App-Discovery."


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