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MIT management professor Tom Malone on collective intelligence and the “genetic” structure of groups

Summary In a talk this week at IBM’s Center for Social Software, Malone explained the insights he’s gained through his research and as the director of the MIT Center for Collective Intelligence, which he launched in 2006 in part to determine how collective intelligence might be harnessed to tackle problems — climate change, poverty, crime — that are generally too complex to be solved by any one expert or group. In his talk, Malone discussed the “genetic” makeup of collective intelligence, teasing out the design differences between, as he put it, “individuals, collectively, and a collective of individuals.”
Description Professor Thomas Malone noted that organizational design theory in the 20th century is generally focused on traditional, hierarchical corporations. Furthermore , he said that as digital tools give way to new kinds of collectives, “it’s time to update organizational design theory for these new organizations.”

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