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Mobile apps for news: Do something

document Crowd Creativity, Distributed Knowledge, Open Innovation
Summary The whole point of offering a mobile app is to increase the size of your digital audience, and how often they engage with your news content and brand, in order to support your mission and business model. Typically news orgs gauge an app’s success by the number of downloads, but that’s misleading. Recent research shows that 25% of all apps downloaded are only opened once—and only 25% get opened 10 or more times.
Several news organizations are doing a great job of delivering interactive apps—at least for users who are browsing the web via a desktop or laptop computer. These efforts often aren’t labeled “apps,” but they are indeed interactive web apps because they allow individual users to interact with, query, or otherwise manipulate or play with your data or content.

Here are a couple of examples:

1. Bay Citizen Bike Accident Tracker
2. You fix the Minnesota Deficit,

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