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Movellas Wants To Make Your Teen Into A Best-Selling Author [MWC 2012]

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Summary Prodigy’s bulletin boards aren’t around anymore, but a new start up is trying to encourage kids and teenagers to write the same way. The company’s called Movellas, and it’s taking the concepts of Twitter, LiveJournal, Kickstarter and the Kindle self-publishing platform to help identify and nurture the next Stephanie Mayer or Stephen King when he or she is still a kid. And, of course, they have an app for that.
The entire idea, according to Movella’s product director Christian Schlosser, is to empower kids to write by fostering a supportive community that can crowdsource not just the discovery but the nurturing of nascent literary talent.

With Movellas, kids and teenagers can not only share fiction, but read other people’s stories, exchange comments, participate in online writing workshops, and more.

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