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My Prediction for 2011: Crowdsourcing Education

document Distributed Knowledge
Summary The article tackles about 2011 predictions, particularly on the utilization of crowdsourcing in the field of education. The writer also gave three of her favorite sites where educators can share their ideas and access good resources. These are as follows: S.O.S. Classroom, and the ISTE Ning.
Description Katy predicted that this 2011, there's going to be lots of crowdsourcing going on in the field of education, which is of course a great move for educators and students as well. With what the web can do and with the millions of people out there that educators and students can share ideas with and get resources from, education can be quick, easy and global. Education can really be made more exciting and enticing for both educators and students.

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  • Piero Stanchi Piero Stanchi Jan 05, 2011 09:46 am GMT

    Hello Katie,
    asking a Twitter pool to solve a teaching problem is the real crowdsourced task I can see from your thoughts.
    But maybe a teacher could manage a pool of parents and students to effectively crowdsource some educational tasks. An example could be to ask the pool to give advices on new teaching paradigms, or solve the problem of garbage in the street of their city by searching successfull approaches to the problem in the world. What is your opinion?
    Thank you.
    Piero Stanchi

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