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Myths about the Future of Crowdsourcing

Summary The document tackles the myths about the future of crowdsourcing based on what several brands are doing. As mentioned in the document, the myths are as follows:

Myth #1: Crowdsourcing is going to displace or replace the role of agencies
Myth #2: Crowdsourcing saves money
Myth: #3 Crowdsourcing is fringe and really hasn't taken hold with established brands

Description Read and discover why Neil Perry has provided the following article highlights:

1. With the average cost of a 30 second TV commercial at $350,000, using smart and customized crowdsourced videos is an inexpensive alternative
2. You can obtain some pretty useful and even groundbreaking videos through crowdsourced networks of videographers.
3. Through crowdsourcing, more than 150 videos were produced for FedEx to choose from for a campaign

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