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Napkin Labs Study Shows That Facebook Doesn't Help Brands Drive Engagement; Superfans Do

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Most brands understand the importance of an active, engaged Facebook community, but few brands know how to build one. Fan participation is never strong enough, so brands do what they think makes sense: focus on getting more fans, and posting more content. But today, Napkin Labs is turning common sense on its head. A study conducted by Napkin Labs reveals that when it comes to Facebook, a few very active "Superfans" are way more valuable than the overall quantity of fans.
Napkin labs analyzed fan engagement across 52 Facebook brand pages, with each brand page having between 200,000 and 1,000,000 fans. Of the more than 31.7M fans who were analyzed over eight weeks, only 6-percent engaged with a brand's Facebook content. While most brands think the best way to boost overall participation is to accumulate more fans, the study proves this is untrue.

"Superfans are vitally important to telling a brand's story," said Riley Gibson, co-founder CEO of Napkin Labs.


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