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New Chinese Startup Aims to Gamify Real Life

document Crowd Creativity, Distributed Knowledge, Open Innovation
Social validation may sound like a lonely high-schooler’s dream, but in terms of gamification, it is a powerful social mechanic that can expand the user base and keep users honest. Social image is important in the People’s Republic, where “keeping face” is a traditional value, and Kwestr, a new startup out of China, hopes to expand beyond the typical social features by focusing on social validation for the “gamification of real life”.
Kwestr, started by American Frank Yu, is built with integration with both Sina Weibo (one of China’s largest social networking sites) as well as Facebook (which is currently blocked by China’s Firewall). Kwestr itself is very similar to DailyFeats or HealthMonth, and encourages users towards daily achievements in life and health. Kwestr’s model (with kwests as achievements), allows users to make their own multi-leveled quests.

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