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New Site Crowdsources Shopping Advice From Your Facebook Friends

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Summary Provides a brief overview of Cloud Shopper. Cloud Shopper is a site that utilizes crowdsourcing. Through this site, you can gain shopping advices from your Facebook friends.
Description Cloud Shopper's concept is good since it allows your friends to give you advises before you actually make a purchase. It's good to solicit advices from friends, rather than strangers. However, the site, "which launched on December 15, is still suffering from its newness. When Facebook friends click on the products you’re asking them to review, for now they land on a page that is less than intuitive to navigate. Options like Facebook Poll and Facebook Question integrations are also still on the way".

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  • Josh Thomas Josh Thomas Jan 02, 2011 09:38 pm GMT

    Clever way to engage your Facebook friends...i can see this being used a lot in the future.

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