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New Study Forecasts Digital Advertising to Grow to 70 Percent of SMB Marketing Budgets

document Crowd Creativity, Distributed Knowledge
Summary A new study by BIA/Kelsey on American SMB spending suggests that small and mid-size businesses will continue the recent trend of shifting their marketing budgets to digital advertising, performance-based platforms and customer retention business solutions over the next five years. This trend creates an increasingly large market opportunity for businesses serving SMBs and developing SMB tools.

Description BIA/Kelsey's new study on American SMB goes on to say that by 2015 SMBs will allocate 30 percent of their marketing budgets to traditional advertising (down from 52 percent in 2010), with the remaining 70 percent going to digital/online media (mobile, social, online directories, online display, digital outdoor), performance-based commerce (pay-per-click, deals, couponing) and customer retention business solutions (email, reputation and presence management, websites, social marketing, calendaring/appointment-setting).

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