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On Tap: Five Lessons on Crowdfunding for a Non-Profit Organization

Summary The American Tap Dance Federation (ATDF) is a non-profit organization “committed to establishing and legitimizing Tap Dance as a vital component of American Dance through creation, presentation, education and preservation.” ATDF recently moved into a new space, and the organization needs to raise $5,000 for adequate lighting in the new studio spaces. They are very close to reaching their goal on IndieGoGo with just over a week to go.
Description As a non-profit organization, ATDF has ample fundraising experience. Happily, their IndieGoGo campaign has been a new and successful experience for ATDF in many ways. So, ATDF’S Artistic/Executive Director & Teacher, Tony Waag shares the lessons he has learned from conducting a crowdfunding campaign for a non-profit organization:

Revitalize your mailing list
Motivate your network
Contributions can come from far and wide
You get great results with a clear goal
Persistence Pays Off

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