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Online Peer-to-Peer Collaboration Among Physicians Improves Patient Outcomes

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WorldOne, the global leader in healthcare data collection, insights and intelligence, announced that its virtual peer-to-peer collaboration tools have helped medical experts improve patient care in a variety of clinical settings, from remote independent practices to large urban academic hospitals. Using iConsult, a web and mobile application developed specifically for virtual patient consults, physicians on Sermo, WorldOne's leading online collaboration platform, can suggest diagnoses and treatments to their colleagues in real-time.
The majority of iConsult cases receive at least one response within 3 minutes of posting. To date, Sermo community members have helped their colleagues solve thousands of cases across dozens of therapeutic areas. Due to timeliness and accuracy of responses, iConsult has decreased the likelihood of complication and improved recovery.

"iConsult has demonstrated its value to physicians as a supplemental resource at the patient's bedside," said Jon Michaeli, senior vice president, Global Community and Marketing for WorldOne.


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