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“Open Education” Platform OpenCurriculum Launches

document Distributed Knowledge
Educators across the globe now have a way to create and share high-quality educational material with the launch of, an online educational crowdsourcing platform. The website allows users to generate and collaborate on new textbook content for K-12 students in an unprecedented way, combining the best of social media platforms, online marketplaces, and open-source software.
The platform combines elements of social media sites, open source software, and the Open Educational Resources movement. Over 10,000 resources are freely available to anyone to download from a catalog. Meanwhile, users who create Facebook-style profiles can create new worksheets, quizzes/tests, and lesson plans, and can share with or collect from other users. Users can also collaborate on projects and comment on other’s work.

“OpenCurriculum creates access to better educational materials, more authentic local educational discussions, and easier dissemination of ideas and best practices,” says Varun Arora, Founding Director of OpenCurriculum.


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