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Open innovation through social media in the idea generation phase of the design consultancy process. Case company: Case Company X

In a competitive business environment, innovation among others present companies and organizations the opportunity to differentiate themselves from competitors. While in the past, internal R&D activities of companies could provide the magic required for world class innovation, the fast changing demand of users requires their involvement in the innovation process refered to as open innovation. This paradigm shift from closed innovation to open innovation is applicable at different stages of the design process. Furthermore, the proliferation of digital technology especially in the form of social media and online communities supports this paradigm shift.
Social media has not only been utilized for engaging customers and enhancing brand images of companies but also for generating input from end users especially in the business to consumer category.This study explored social media platforms that enables contribution of input by such creative thinkers,their profile,as well as establish techniques,strategies and processes required to make this function.The entire study was carried out in the second half of year 2012 through a qualitative research method of indepth interviews,video analysis and benchmarking. The selected method was due to the exploratory nature of the research and rarity of materials in the field.


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