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OpenStreetMap Aims To Become Most Popular Map On The Web

Summary The organizers behind OpenStreetMap, a free crowdsourced digital world map, are still reveling in the news that Apple appears to have switched to using OpenStreetMap’s data for locations outside the U.S. in lieu of its previous default, Google Maps, in a new version of Apple’s mobile software.OpenStreetMap has consistently celebrated Apple’s March 7 move, despite the fact that Apple still hasn’t credited OpenStreetMap for using its data, in violation of its generous usage policy.
OpenStreetMap has also openly celebrated the news that Google this year began charging major business users of its own Google Maps API (application programming interface) for the service. Once a company or app has exceeded 25,000 page loads of a basic version of Google Maps, Google charges $10 to $40 for every additional 1,000 map loads. The full version of Google Maps, including the whiz-bang feature Street View, begins charging after just 2,500 page loads.

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