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Public School System's email sends parents to innovative sex site ISBEL.COM

document Distributed Knowledge
The team at ISBEL.COM is thankful for all the media coverage which brought its name to light and invites all women and all interested media to stay tuned for more info as its avant-garde online community grows!
Isbel is a new intimacy destination for modern women. It was born from the realization that while sex and intimacy are vital to long-lasting relationships, women today have few sources they trust to discuss sex and get support...and be inspired to be their best sensual, sexual, beautiful selves! Isbel is not a porn site or a sex store- it does not offer porn videos nor include any nudity or erotic imagery, it's an informational,educational,and support site,formed to help women understand and appreciate their sexual and sensual sides through a unique design combination of social community and crowdsourcing of information.


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