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Pure Web’s Wesomedia Looks to Kickstarter to Secure Funds to Develop Their Latest Video Game: Doin’ Time

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Summary Funding, an issue for many small companies and startups, is getting more difficult by the day. Financial institutions want to see a finished product before they loan you the money and private investors want a huge stake in the game’s development process as well as the revenue’s generated when the game is completed. Regardless of the path chosen investors will have a say in the game’s development and this is leads to an end product that is not focused on the players.
Pure Web decided to go with Kickstarter to be the platform for funding their project after months of careful consideration. Kickstarter’s, “All or Nothing” approach to funding means that projects have to meet or surpass their fundraising goal or they do not get any of the funding. While Kickstarter provides the platform it is still up to project owners to promote it. Not only that but backers, people who pledge to fund a project, receive rewards for doing so and not monetary compensation. These rewards can be anything, from finished copies of the product to branded clothing items.

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