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Putting the "Public" Back in the Public Sector

Summary If the global financial crisis taught us anything, it's that leaving the fate of our collective economic health in the hands of a select few members of an exclusive club with their own narrow agenda is no longer a credible way of doing business. That's true for almost every institution involved, from the banks that crafted impenetrable mortgage bundles for gambling purposes to the decision-making bodies that oversee international economic stability.
Description Crowdsourcing is on a powerful roll. One need look no further than the Egyptian revolution, of course, a movement formed out of a variety of demands and solutions that originated from far-flung and demographically diverse groups. But it's also being used to aggregate data on radiation levels in Japan from sources other than government officials. It is helping track the effectiveness of public services such as health care and schools in Kenya. And it's publicizing instances of election fraud in Latin America. Ordinary, informed citizens everywhere are forcing the public sector to get with it.

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