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Quality Control for Real-time Ubiquitous Crowdsourcing

document Distributed Knowledge
Summary In this paper, the researchers discuss the challenges for quality control in ubiquitous crowdsorucing and propose a novel technique that reasons on users mobility patterns and quality of their past contributions to estimate user's credibility.

Description To evaluate the proposed approach, the researchers are building
an Android-based public transport crowdsourcing application that enables users to check in to their current journey, rate it, as well as provide comments about it (e.g., status of their bus journey, dynamically occurring events such as traffic jams and accidents). The application also includes a game component, in which users are challenged to compete against each other to become local \experts" of their bus routes and for a given time segment. They plan to deploy this application in London, UK, starting in autumn 2011, with a pool of
100 users.

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