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Racy: Ex-Stig And The Crowd-Sourcing Portal

Slightly Mad Studios today announce the imminent unveiling of C.A.R.S., their first title to be produced using the innovative new WMD portal. They’re making this new racing game called “Community Assisted Racing Simulation” with a full-on crowd-sourcing and crowd-funding portal, World Of Mass Development. Their plan is to prove that the concept of getting the wider gaming community to help out actually developing games is workable by doing it with their next racing game, and they’ll be opening it up to other projects at the same time.

Slightly Mad Studios is an independent, award-winning developer known most recently for its work on Electronic Arts’ Need For Speed franchise with the successful SHIFT series.They create this new game called C.A.R.S. with the help of WMD (World of Mass Development) ,a new platform for games creation . And according to Ian Bell,C.A.R.S is a form of both crowd sourcing and crowd funding. Crucially,the people who join up will get paid back for their input when the product sells.

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