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Recruitment 4.0: Crowdsourcing, Gamification, Recruitment as a Profit Center, … and the Death of Recruitment Agencies!

Before anyone screams “unrealistic” or “utter fantasy” or cries B.S., let’s be clear that Recruitment 4.0 moves into the territory of vision. This is some years off. But by calculated hypotheses it is clear there will be a 4.0 and that it is a natural progression of 3.0 and builds sensibly on its foundations. But some early adopters are even implementing some of the component parts. 4.0 is a natural progression from 3.0. It takes the community concept to the next level.

Recruitment 4.0:

*Recruitment transitions from being a “cost center” into a “profit center”’!
*The collapse and insolvency of many recruitment agencies.
*Job boards stuttering and collapsing … and repurposing themselves
*Companies hiring “through the sky” through external referrals and crowdsourcing
*Exclusive/VIP/premium paid in-community content and paid mobile apps
*Gamification shapes recruiting strategies and generates stickiness and virality
*Companies rated globally by crowd opinions

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