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Satellite images, crowdsourcing emerge as resource in search for missing climbers

Despite the tragic outcome last weekend of a search for two missing climbers on a remote mountain peak in Peru, the emerging technology used in the effort allowed people around the world to help. Tomnod allowed people around the world to pore over satellite images, track footprints.
After hundreds of people looked over the images Friday night, Tomnod , a company that uses satellite images and crowdsourcing for geographical analytics, analyzed the data and determined that the two men had likely reached the summit of the mountain and mapped out a likely descent route -- as well as three locations where they might be.

"We were able to piece together where we thought the search team should start,"Barrington said."In retrospect,if they had fallen and just broken a leg,we had pinpointed the spot that would have been the spot of a rescue.Unfortunately, it was too little, too late."

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