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Scoopshot Becomes a Global Provider of Crowdsourced Content For Media

The popular photography content sourcing service Scoopshot becomes an essential part of the future roadmap of its media customers by providing global service. The Scoopshot service provides media publications with direct access to fresh user-generated content, ready-made tools for creating and managing user communities and an easy-to-use online solution for instantly discovering news and purchasing content. With its community of 70,000 content providers in 160 countries and media partners in three continents, Scoopshot has quickly achieved global coverage.
"With Scoopshot, we have already revolutionized the way that media sources news content. We provide a complete solution, tried and tested, and a growing community of mobile photographers," says Mr. Niko Ruokosuo, Scoopshot CEO.

"We desire to be the preferred partner for high-quality photo and video content for forward-looking media clients who embrace the digital age. Our value is in providing unique, low-cost and engaging content on both global and hyper-local levels. We are one of the digital silver bullets for the future of the media industry: a strategic partner for engaging readers," Ruokosuo outlines.

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