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SingleHop's LEAP v3 Control Panel Enables Crowdsourced Cloud Configurations

Web hosting provider SingleHop , announced on Monday it has released the third generation of LEAP, its proprietary client management platform.First launched in 2008, version three of LEAP offers customers true on-demand access to their systems and enables clients to design hybrid infrastructure solutions via an entirely revamped interface.
With its tagline of "Infrastructure by Democracy," the press release seems to emphasize Leap v3's focus on providing a Crowdsourced Marketplace to allow anyone to join the community and design solutions for any particular application.LEAP v3 enables users to design hybrid solutions using a wide range of components and deploy with one click, allow hybrid solutions to be designed by the community, provides wider range of ideas and possibilities, organizes and groups any infrastructure components into solutions, increases productivity for IT departments with a better range of IaaS management tools,and uses a modernized user interface to facilitate agility and speed.

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