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Smartling CEO Jack Welde: Translating Content Is The New Having A Web Presence

New York City translation tech venture Smartling, released a host of new features and services to help users translate their websites, mobile, and other digital content into many languages, quickly, affordably, and accurately. They simplified its offering to make it even easier for small businesses to translate their web sites.
Smartling is a cloud-based software platform for translation management and delivery of your website and app.The company offers a free level of site translation for up to 5,000 multilingual page views a month, and you can pay up to $249 a month for 100,000 translated page views. For more heavily trafficked enterprise sites, Smartling also offers custom plans.And recently they announced integration with the website optimization company Cloudflare,which lets Cloudflare customers instantly translate their websites with the click of a button.They're currently provide translation services to companies like Foursquare, Kobo,and Threadless.The company competes directly with Cloudwords, another cloud-based translation service.

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