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Solving the Student Loan Crisis – Piglt Campaigns are Live

Piglt, “Education’s Entrepreneurial Piggy Bank,” went live this week. Piglt (pronounced “piglet”) is the only innovative incentive-based crowdfunding platform that allows individuals to fund their tuition or student loan debt, thus solving the nation's student loan debt epidemic and helping users find jobs through a dual focus on entrepreneurship and community involvement. Piglt just launched its inaugural batch of Campaigns on Aug 20th.
The crowdfunding platform - Piglt distinguishes itself by not obligating Dreamers to additional debt (in the form of lower interest alternative loans) or to promising a percentage of their future income to investors. “It’s counterproductive and ultimately not student-friendly to indenture the Dreamers to further debt and financial uncertainty; there's a reason they are actively seeking financial assistance in the first place. They [the Dreamers] have already spent good money on their education and training and they should be empowered to use those skills to further their careers and better their lives,” says Founder Casey Wallace.


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