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Someone With Group Launches Crowdsourcing Funding Round Under JOBS Act to Bring First Secure Crowdfunding Solution to Health Care Market

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Someone With Group, a new financial services company based in Frederick, Maryland, providing the first secure, HIPAA-compliant crowdfunding solution for patient debt reduction to the health care market, announced the opening of a direct offering also using a crowdfunding platform. The investor offering is made possible by recent Security and Exchange Commission rule changes resulting from implementation of the Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act.
“Our goal was to improve crowdfunding — make it better and more secure. We’ve done that, and perhaps even more importantly, we have created an entirely new payment model for health care finance in the area of critical care, which currently has a multibillion-dollar debt gap. By working with hospitals and health care providers, we are reducing medical debt and helping people obtain funds for the care they need,” said Paula Jagemann-Bane, founder and CEO of Someone With Group.


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  • Carolyn Lawson Carolyn Lawson Jan 21, 2016 07:23 pm GMT

    Thank you for sharing the Someone With Group press release - we are excited to be launch our offering at Finaeos. It seems only natural for our business to participate in equity crowdfunding!

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