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SOPA, Limbaugh, Komen: This Is What Happens When the Mob is Right

Summary There is far too much cheerleading for the "wisdom of crowds." The undiscerning among us, often motivated by an understandable (if often mindless) disgust with institutions, tend to employ buzzwords like "crowdsourcing" and to preach the idea that "the people" are always right even if "the people" are just a bunch of sub-literate racists in the New York Post's comments sections.
Three recent incidents seem to show that if an issue is big enough and important enough to make the crowd invested enough and large enough -- by bringing in a lot of people who don't normally mob up -- the crowd becomes wise and is taken seriously. The defeat of SOPA, the retreat of the board of the Komen Foundation, and the exits of sponsors from Rush Limbaugh's radio program all show what can happen when the crowd is big and (crucially) correct.

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