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SpigitEngage for Facebook

Summary Looking to improve customer experience? Want to know what product your fans wish you had on the shelves?

With over 800 million active Facebook users, companies are constantly looking for new ways to connect with customers in a meaningful way. Spigit recognized this opportunity, and by capturing the customers that are already congregating online, they’ve added a layer of engagement to Facebook that allows fans to take part in the innovation process with their favorite brands, helping those brands identify influential fans and cultivate customer loyalty.
Description With SpigitEngage for Facebook, organizations practice co-creation, tapping customer insights through idea generation, collaboration, contests and game dynamics. Using this fun, natural customer contact method, organizations develop a dialogue that leaves an impression and drives repeat interaction through:

• Virtual Currency – allowing users to earn and spend tokens for participation
• Social Connections – keeping users up-to-date on ideas, enabling social discovery of content
• Contests – creating a two-way dialogue for co-creation

Taking advantage of Facebook’s viral nature, SpigitEngage allows you to pose challenges and questions to your fanpage, creating a purposeful, rich dialogue with your customer “crowd.”

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