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Springboard Pioneering Conscious Capitalism with Healthcare-Exclusive Crowdfunding Platform

document Crowdfunding
In an effort to find alternatives to traditional methods, a new generation of business owners have turned to crowdfunding, a funding method in which contributions from a large number of people are used to fund a project or venture. Although crowdfunding for equity is a new concept, the securities industry is fundamentally all about two sides of the same coin: raising money and investing money. Springboard Equity Inc. aims to simplify both by leveraging innovative technologies.
With the launch of their equity crowdfunding platform - dedicated exclusively to the healthcare industry - a varied business sector comprising of medical devices, digital health, biotech, health IT, mobile and diagnostics Springboard Equity brings capital to vetted, high potential, early stage innovative companies. The company engages with the investor community beyond just having access to top deals; the platform aims to make the whole fundraising process more efficient.


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