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SprinkleBit : The Future of Investing, Powered by Crowdsourcing

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Summary SprinkleBit is a new startup that helps to alleviate the investing apprehension of Millennials like you and me. Powered by crowdsourcing, SprinkleBit allows its users to offer up information and tips that can be readily available to anyone who wants to get a grip on this nebulous art form called investing. SprinkleBit is unique in that it’s not just some open forum where anyone can give their opinion on a stock without being held accountable for their advice.
Description Bottom line is this: high quality information is the key to a successful portfolio and without it you’ll be lost. SprinkleBit provides all the necessary tools for any investor all from a nice easy-on-the-eyes user interface. So if you’re looking to break free from your apprehension, create a free account at and join me along with all the other members and let’s invest together!

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