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StartSomeGood Co-founder Tom Dawkins Shares Lessons in Crowdfunding Social Enterprises

StartSomeGood co-founder Tom Dawkins shares some of their book’s gems, as well as a few thoughts about the potentials of crowdfunding—or peerfunding, as he suggests it be called—and what makes a social enterprise get off the ground.
According to StartSomeGood co-founder Tom Dawkins, they have learned more and more the power of focusing on the positive impact social entrepreneurs are making rather than just talking about the problems. One specific change they’ve made on the site is that while each project’s venture page used to say, ‘what is the problem you’re working on, and what is your solution?’ it now says ‘what is the future you are creating and how are you creating it?’ The site is oriented around this visionary and positive view of change, rather than getting people to think just in terms of problems.

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