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The Future of the City: Crowd-Sourcing & Gamification for City 2.0

document Distributed Knowledge
As Kansas City Design Week came to a close, the local American Institute of Architects Chapter hosted a presentation by James Moore of HDR Architects. The most intriguing idea that came from his presentation dealt specifically with Kansas City’s new Google Fiber installation.

This summer Google will install a 1-gigabyte internet speed cable in Kansas City, which is a hundred times faster than the average broadband cable. Moore proposes a novel idea which could generate interest back toward the city through crowd-sourcing urban design.
Although crowd sourcing and gamification in urban design are still at an infant stage, there are already well established open source initiatives and ideas that could help define this new way of interacting with cities. One online program that combines both features is MindMixer. This platform models itself after a town hall and rewards points to users who comment and participate in generating ideas for the community. These points can then be translated into achievements, perks, and prizes similar to a video game.

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