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The hottest new product on the web: Canadian high tech watch maker raises $4.5M

document Crowdfunding
Summary Of the more than 50,000 ideas that have been pitched on the crowdfunding website Kickstarter, seeking financial support for a new product, none have struck a chord with the web community more than the born-in-Canada Pebble.
Description The team had a little over a month to raise the money before their Kickstarter pitch expired. To Migicovsky's complete shock, $100,000 was raised in just two hours. It took 28 hours to exceed their target by 10 times, hitting the million-dollar milestone, and interest in Pebble hasn't slowed since. Just over a week into the campaign, the Pebble has attracted interest from more than 31,000 backers for a total of more than $4.5 million raised (as of Wednesday afternoon) _ a new Kickstarter record. And just about every minute of the day, new orders continue to pour in.

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