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The Picket Project: Innovative Open Source Effort Seeks Funding For New Collaborative Online Community

document Crowdfunding, Tools
Summary The Picket Project, an open source effort to create a new crowdsourcing software, launched on Indiegogo this week with the goal of funding their initial software release. This is the final push in the launch of their platform. The software was developed to tackle large, complex political problems in a new, innovative way. The Picket Project Platform allows engaged citizens to build their own solutions by connecting and building on related, similar ideas.
Description The Picket Project launched on Indiegogo with the goal of raising $30,000 in 30 days. The funding will be used to deliver a beta release of the application by June, 2013.

“We know that most people want our politicians to find compromises which can move our country forward,” said Robert Schwab, co-founder The Picket Project.


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