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The Secret to Launching a Mind-Blowing Kickstarter Campaign

document Crowdfunding
Summary Kickstarter, the world’s largest crowdfunding platform for creative projects, has become the most popular way for budding entrepreneurs to turn their ideas into reality without the constraints of having to partner with investors, or lay out large sums of money to get their business off the ground.
Description Kickstarter’s popularity is based on one important factor: it works. Many project owners are wildly successful, often doubling and tripling their targeted funding.People feel good about supporting the indie filmmaker, the starving artist, the struggling writer and the passionate entrepreneur, and in turn the project owners are given a fighting chance to make things happen.There are secrets in launching a mind-blowing Kickstarter campaign.Among these essental variables, is a combination of friend and media support, prototyping, experimenting with rewards, crafting a video and creating a story that sticks. The first five seem sort of obvious, but are still worth the read.

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