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Top 4 nuggets from SXSW Interactive

document Distributed Knowledge, Open Innovation
Summary Attending South By Southwest is like the movie “Bruce Almighty” when Jim Carrey becomes God and gets flooded with billions of prayers. The ideas, inspiration and content flow as freely as the drinks and it can be hard to cut through the clutter and pull out relevant nuggets.
Description The days of protecting and fencing content are over. From TED to ESPN, everyone is opening up their data and crowdsourcing new and innovative ways to mash it up and share it with the world.

At an exclusive TED event during SXSW, the team announced that they are searching for 50 developers worldwide to engage in a global hackathon, helping them create new and unique platforms to utilize their educational content.

Meanwhile, mega network ESPN has created a developer site for similar purposes. As long as developers adhere to certain guidelines, they are open to leverage ESPN content.

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