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Summary Whatever project you can dream up, there’s a crowdsourced funding platform out there for it. Entrepreneurs, investors, journalists, artists, environmentalists, educators, nonprofits and charities are using these sites to fundraise and turn their visions for social change into realities.
Description Crowdfunding sites provide more than just a donor base -- they create an online community of people who care about your cause and want to follow your progress. Among these sites are:, 33needs, ProFounder, MicroPlace, KickStarter, Crowdrise, DonorsChoose, Firstgiving, DonorsChoose, and ioby.

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  • Guest David Jul 12, 2013 03:29 pm GMT is a clever idea to enable people to raise money for someones funeral. All of the money raised is immediately sent to the family. The funeral fund campaign is only active for 14 days. You can see who has donated, how much they donated or you have the option to remain anonymous too.

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