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uTest vs Outsourced Testing: a Case Study

Summary How crowdsourced testing has changed the game for innovative software companies when compared to outsourced software development models. Twice the headache for half the price. This is how a growing segment of the software industry has come to regard outsourced or “offshore” testing. Tired of being burned by time zone challenges,language barriers,inflexible contracts,hidden costs and a loss of control and quality, software execs are abandoning these offshore firms at a time when comprehensive testing coverage has never been more important.
Description Not all off-shore developers fall into the stigma of "half the price and twice the headache"; however, I've had personal experiencing "off shoring". I've wasting more time than I care to calculate communicating, clarifying and re-clarifying software projects with outsourced development teams only to get back sub-par or un-usable code that needs to be re-written by skilled domestic engineers. With the speed of technology and competition in the web and mobile space, companies must release early and release often. This agile development strategy does not bode well with traditional fixed priced projects which are common with offshore dev contracts.

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