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Vancouver riots shape the future of the Internet

document Distributed Knowledge, Open Innovation
When we shape the future of the Internet, we are also shaping the future of the world as a whole. Today we still live in a world that defines "real life" as what happens offline, but it won't be long before our online lives gain equal attention. We are transitioning towards a significantly -- perhaps even primarily -- digital society, and during that transition we will go through a series of critical junctures that define our understanding and norms of what can and should be possible online.
The Internet isn't something out there that we plug into, throwing up our hands and claiming that "this is just how it works". It's not a set of technologies we must passively accept: it's a culture we must actively create. And with social media in particular, we have a responsibility to think about what we are creating. We are establishing the norms for how to talk to people on Facebook. We are setting the example for what is appropriate to share on YouTube. We are modelling when and how to use email, blogs and Twitter.

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