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Volunteers Need the Right Tools to Crowdsource Translations

document Distributed Knowledge
A common misconception is that crowdsourced translations are lower quality than professional, and yes, sometimes that's true. But an engaged crowd of users who love your product can often produce better results than professionals who aren't intimately familiar with what you do. Not to mention, you can't expect great translations if you aren't giving your volunteers the right tools. After all, Cloudflare didn't translate its web application into 14 languages in 3 days by asking volunteer translators to use difficult, out-of-date translation software, or worse - by handing them text out of context.
Smartling's translation management platform solves these issues, by providing software to recruit, train, and engage volunteer translators to participate in your translation project. Using their crowdsourced translation tools, volunteers can view:

Completed translations
Strings available for translation
Percentage complete

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