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VP Pick, Paul Ryan, Has (Mostly) Been A Friend To Technology

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Mitt Romney’s Vice Presidential pick, Paul Ryan, has mostly been a friend to Silicon Valley and the technology industry. Ryan’s voting record has supported better access to high skilled immigrants, an open Internet, crowdfunding for startups, and intellectual property reform. However, his ambiguous stance on net neutrality and proposal to cut science funding leaves a noticeable scuff on his otherwise sterling record.
Paul Ryan opposed the Stop Online Piracy Act, which could have given the federal government unprecedented powers to censor the Internet. While news headlines claim that a targeted campaign against Ryan, from the popular news aggregator, Reddit, caused him to switch his stance against the bill, the campaign actually just forced him to announce his position. Simply, he opposed it. Paul Ryan also supported the amended JOBS Act to open up access to more investors who wish to support startups.

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